Fiona Christie



Ewan MacMaster


Fiona is a NZ Registered Architect and has had responsibility for a range of project types over her 20 year career from industrial buildings, wineries, commercial fitout work, educational work and in housing.

She enjoys residential design and works with a range of clients and budgets. She enjoys the process of working with people to achieve the home they aspire to and is interested in how people use and react to spaces and objects within spaces.

Fiona likes to create relationships with people and understand what it is they need and want in their projects, and then to help them achieve that.

These spaces are not always large or expensive but recognizing that, despite the budget or resource restrictions, a high quality and joyful space can be achieved with good design.

She has a strong understanding of related legislation and building processes particularly around the requirements pertaining to residential housing and has worked on various projects located around many parts of the country.

Ewan has been practising as a designer and lead on projects for 20 years working in small, medium and large size practices in Wellington on a range of projects around NZ.


These projects are of a range of scales and types from a small intricate meditation temple, to award winning residential work, multi-unit apartments and large-scale commercial and public projects.


Ewan's strengths lie in working through elegant design solutions as well as complex construction detailing. He has a strong interest and experience in environmental design, and associated materials and systems, in projects ranging in size from small residential to large scale commercial.


Ewan works with clients to bring this expertise into the projects he undertakes.

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Michaela has a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Victoria University of Wellington and is currently undertaking a Masters of Architecture. 

Michaela enjoys working in residential architecture and hopes to develop her skills in this area. She enjoys taking part in the entire process, working with clients, creating moments in architecture & watching these materialise.

Outside of work, Michaela is a keen runner, painter and aspiring, but terrible, musician. She loves to travel and can't wait to get back to Lugazi, Uganda where she recently volunteered. She was lucky to work alongside the women in Bullyntete and Mayindo and takes pride in supporting their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Michaela Jenner

Architectural Cadet